What To Do For Facial Swelling After A Root Canal?

You have just had a root canal, and your tooth is on the road to recovery. It’s like your tooth went through a little renovation. The swelling that might happen after a root canal is like that temporary construction mess you see after the builders finish working.
After the root canal procedure, your tooth and the surrounding area can puff up. It’s like a small protest from your gums and tissues. You can consider it a temporary aftermath of the dental work.

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    Is It Common to Have Facial Swelling After Root Canal?

    Gum swelling and tenderness at the treatment site are common. It’s only natural for your gums to feel irritated after a procedure. It can even affect the neighboring cheek besides your tooth. It usually takes 48 hours to go away. However, you can notice the complete reduction in 72 hours.

    Questions About What To Do For Facial Swelling After A Root Canal? ?

    Why Is My Cheek Swollen After Root Canal?

    Facial swelling strongly indicates that your body has a stubborn infection it is struggling to fight. The main culprit, called infection, has been treated with the root canal. The cheek swelling can be due to the leftover infection that needs to be eliminated. Therefore, your dentist can recommend antibiotics or anti-inflammatories.

    How to Reduce Cheek Swelling After Root Canal?

    Following are some post-operative care guidelines that will not only reduce swelling but also promote healing:

    1. Limit Your Activities
      After a root canal treatment, you must not engage in intense physical activities the whole day. Smoking and alcohol can extend your recovery time. Avoiding hard exercising for 48 hours will help your body relax and focus on healing.
    2. Swelling and Bleeding
      Swelling and oozing will surely occur post-treatment. You can put an ice pack at 20-minute intervals to deal with it. Cold compresses effectively reduce swelling within 24 hours of the procedure.
      Slight bleeding is common, too, so you might notice a hint of blood in your saliva. Bruising can also happen and heal on its own in several days. You can also feel numb around the procedure site.
    3. Proper Diet
      A healthy diet is the key to recovering from everything. The nutrients and energy you get from food stimulate healing. To avoid straining the treated area, switch to a soft food diet.
    4. Medications
      Strictly adhere to your prescribed medication plan. Ensure to follow the scheduled timetable. Visit your dentist immediately if any other concerns arise.

    How Long Should My Face Be Swollen After Dental Procedure?

    Facial swelling after dental work usually lasts for two to three days post-procedure. Some light bruising can also accompany the swelling. However, you will experience it only on the site of the treatment. Your face should be back to normal on day 4. If it fails to do so, contact your dentist immediately.

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    Final Word

    The most common thing we hear when we mention a root canal is that it hurts. It does not. It eliminates the infection that would otherwise eat your tooth from inside. However, people can find the recovery part a bit tricky.

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