What Are Snap-In Dentures?

I see you are wondering what snap-in dentures are! Snap-in dentures are supported by implants inserted into the jaw in particular areas, allowing the dentures to snap into the posts. They resolve tooth decay and missing teeth issues. They are similar hybrid dentures, except these dentures are removable.

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    What is the Difference between Traditional Dentures and Snap-In Dentures?

    Conventional dentures are made using a mold of your mouth, which is secured in place with glue or suction. They must be securely stored and cleaned when not in use. While they function well in the majority of everyday situations, they do have some significant disadvantages:

    • Conventional dentures have the potential to loosen during eating, speaking, and almost any other activity that puts pressure on your mouth.
    • Conventional dentures sit comparatively light in your mouth, weakening the jawbone from reduced use.
    • They may also cause damage to your gums, discomfort, and dissolution of the mandible.
    • Over time, damage to the gum line may result from dentures that are loose or poorly fit.

    Questions About What Are Snap-In Dentures? ?

    How Does Snap-in Dentures Work?

    Orthodontic implants hold snap-in dentures in place. In order to support the dentures, which are “snapped” into place using the post, these implants are surgically inserted into the jaw at specific locations. The implants are non-removable, but the snap-in dentures are removable.

    Benefits of Snap-In Dentures

    There are multiple advantages of snap-in dentures, and here are a few of them:

    • Snap-in dentures are stable and less likely to become loose while talking.
    • They improve the ability to chew and you can eat stickier and harder food with them.
    • Snap-in dentures preserve the jawbone and stop additional bone loss.
    • Snap-in dentures will make you feel more at ease and comfortable in social situations because of their increased stability.

    When are Snap-In Dentures Recommended?

    There are two types of snap-in dentures: ball-retained and bar-retained. In both situations, the dentures are built on an acrylic foundation. Connected to the acrylic base, porcelain or acrylic teeth appear like real teeth.

    Ball-retained Snap-in Dentures

    In ball-retained snap-in dentures, a metal connector that fits into a denture connection is present in every implant in the mandible. The majority of attachments are ball-shaped (“male” attachments) that slide into slots on the denture (“female” attachments). In some cases, the implants hold female attachments, and the denture holds male attachments.

    Bar-retained Snap-in Dentures

    With bar-retained snap-in dentures, the dentist inserts two to five implants on the jawbone, with a thin metal bar connecting them to form the jawline. After that, the patient uses the clips or other connections that are fastened to the bar to snap the prosthesis into place. The denture fits over the bar with these Snap-on attachments, securely holding it in place.

    What People Say

    Going to the dentist can be an anxiety-inducing experience, but as soon as I stepped into this office, I felt at ease. The entire staff is welcoming and friendly, making sure that you feel thoroughly taken care of every step of the way. Dr. Nguyen is kind, gentle, and reliable, and I couldn't be more grateful for his help. Thank you so much for the excellent work that you all do! 11/10 recommend!

    ~ Devki Bhatt

    I had a bad toothache and needed a dentist right away. I live close by and I found the office across the street from the civic center. The office team was very nice and they squeeze me into the schedule. Dr. Nguyen was amazing! My mouth hurt so bad, he took away the pain right away. He told all my options. I said I wanted the tooth pulled. He did it quick and it didn't hurt. super happy. I will be back in a few months for an implant.
    Thank you Dr. Nguyen and your team!

    ~ Kit Arra

    Beautiful office. Amazing staff, Dr Nguyen is a great dentist. He explains everything in detail and his chair side manner is very pleasant. So happy I found this office.

    ~ AbiGail H


    While both traditional and snap-in dentures have pros and cons, snap-in dentures seem to be more reliable and stronger than conventional ones. Now that you know what are snap-in dentures you can go for a better option. Nonetheless, our dentists at Corona Dental Group are here to help you make a well-advised decision. Call (951)-736-0641 and book your appointment ASAP!

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