Root Canal Treatment in Corona, CA

If you have regular dental checkups, you may have frequently heard about root canal treatment. Although most people fear it, root canals are one of the most widely used dental treatments to preserve natural teeth. At Corona Dental Group, Dr. Peter Nguyen and our team utilize high-quality equipment and the latest techniques for a painless treatment experience. Our practice offers root canals in Corona, CA, to manage painful symptoms of pulp infection and restore the integrity of your teeth. By addressing damaged teeth, we can also restore your ideal smile aesthetics. Contact us at (951) 736-0641 today to book an appointment.

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    Root Canals

    Understanding Root Canal Treatment

    A root canal is an endodontic treatment in which we extract the damaged pulp tissue and seal the canals with a rubbery material. The pulp tissues contain blood vessels and sensitive nerve endings that supply your tooth structure. Because of this, if the pulp gets infected with oral bacteria, you may experience painful symptoms that are difficult to manage at home.

    Our experienced professionals in Corona, CA, provide comfortable root canals to remove the damaged pulp. It eases the pain immediately and helps retain your tooth before the damage threatens the health of surrounding teeth and gums.

    How Do I Know If I Need A Root Canal?

    Minor cavities can be addressed with dental fillings, but if the damage has extended to the pulp, we need more invasive techniques to salvage the tooth. Signs that may indicate the need for root canal therapy in Corona, CA, include:

    • Dull to sharp pain in a tooth
    • Prolonged sensitivity to hot or cold stimulus
    • Severe dental cavities
    • Tooth discoloration
    • Pain upon biting or eating
    • Inflammation or swelling in gums
    • Tooth damage due to trauma or decay
    • Pus discharge
    • Swelling in the facial region

    Questions About Root Canal Treatment in Corona, CA ?

    Are Root Canals in Corona, CA, Painful?

    It is a common misconception among many people that a root canal is a painful procedure. This was before the advent of anesthesia and modern techniques that have made root canals much more comfortable and painless.

    At our dental facility, we perform root canal treatment in Corona, CA, under local anesthesia. It numbs your teeth and gums for a few hours to eliminate the feeling of pain and discomfort. Contrary to popular belief, a root canal treatment is more likely to relieve painful symptoms than cause them.

    Steps of Root Canal Process

    Initial consultation

    During your initial visit, we will perform an oral exam and record dental x-rays of the offending teeth to identify the extent of the damage. It helps us to determine if you would benefit from root canals in Corona, CA.

    Cleaning and debridement of canals

    After injecting a local anesthetic, we will drill a small hole in the tooth to access the opening of the root canals. We will extract the infected pulp and thoroughly clean the canals to eliminate bacteria.

    Sealing the canals

    Complete disinfection of the canals is followed by sealing with a rubbery material called gutta-percha. The final step is the placement of a dental restoration or crown to protect and strengthen the remaining tooth structure.

    What People Say

    Going to the dentist can be an anxiety-inducing experience, but as soon as I stepped into this office, I felt at ease. The entire staff is welcoming and friendly, making sure that you feel thoroughly taken care of every step of the way. Dr. Nguyen is kind, gentle, and reliable, and I couldn't be more grateful for his help. Thank you so much for the excellent work that you all do! 11/10 recommend!

    ~ Devki Bhatt

    I had a bad toothache and needed a dentist right away. I live close by and I found the office across the street from the civic center. The office team was very nice and they squeeze me into the schedule. Dr. Nguyen was amazing! My mouth hurt so bad, he took away the pain right away. He told all my options. I said I wanted the tooth pulled. He did it quick and it didn't hurt. super happy. I will be back in a few months for an implant.
    Thank you Dr. Nguyen and your team!

    ~ Kit Arra

    Beautiful office. Amazing staff, Dr Nguyen is a great dentist. He explains everything in detail and his chair side manner is very pleasant. So happy I found this office.

    ~ AbiGail H

    Get Rid of Severe Tooth Pain

    A pulp infection can cause intense, debilitating pain in your teeth, disturbing your routine activities. We treat these symptoms with root canals in Corona, CA, to maintain oral wellness. Schedule a consultation with us today!

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