Pain In Gums – Causes and Treatment

Have your upper gums started throbbing weirdly lately? You must be confused and wondering, “What is going on in my mouth?” Well, we are here to answer just that. Let’s find out the reason behind this development and ways you can deal with this issue.

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    Is Your Gum Throbbing at Night Only? What Could The Reason Be?

    It is a common phenomenon for your blood to rush to your head while lying down, exerting extra pressure on the sensitive areas in your mouth. That is the main reason why you feel that throbbing sensation at night but not during the day.

    Questions About Pain In Gums – Causes and Treatment ?

    What Does It Mean To Have Sore and Painful Gums?

    Every individual has a different level of sensitivity, and having sore gums is usually nothing to be worried about as usually, the main culprits are hard brushing too hard or flossing.

    However, if your gums have been aching for a long time now, the reason may be an infection such as gingivitis or periodontitis. Pain, along with swelling, points toward a gum infection.

    Common Causes of Throbbing Gums

    Aside from gum disease, there are multiple other reasons why your upper gums are aching so badly.

    1. Inadequate Dental Care: Poor dental hygiene is one of the major causes of sore gum.
    2. Stress: High stress levels are not just a thing that messes up your brain; they adversely impact your oral health, too.
    3. Smoking and Diet: Lifestyle choices and dietary habits help elevate gum health.
    4. Tooth Abscess: An infected tooth radiates discomfort to your gums.

    Dental Treatments

    You must note that gums cannot grow back, so if you are experiencing a pulsing or throbbing sensation in your gums, it means that you have reached the advanced stage of gum disease.

    This can lead to problems like gum recession, tooth loss, and even bone loss.

    Treating and Preventing Gingivitis

    The extent of the work your mouth needs depends largely on the severity of your disease. Some options include:

    1. Scaling and polishing
    2. Root planing
    3. Smoking cessation
    4. Laser Gum Treatments

    Quick Relief with At-Home Remedies

    It is perfectly fine if you cannot go for a dental visit right away. Till the day comes, you can use some simple at-home remedies that can provide relief. However, you must keep in mind that these are temporary solutions, and you must not skip your appointment.

    1. Warm or Cold Compresses: You can gently press ice packs or hot bags on the outer side of your cheek to soothe your gums.
    2. Saltwater Gargle: Salt and water solution is power-packed with anti-inflammatory properties, and it works well on killing bacteria as well; 2 problems, one solution!
    3. Oral Anesthetic Gels: These gels are easily available at your local pharmacy and can temporarily numb the area for relief.

    What People Say

    Going to the dentist can be an anxiety-inducing experience, but as soon as I stepped into this office, I felt at ease. The entire staff is welcoming and friendly, making sure that you feel thoroughly taken care of every step of the way. Dr. Nguyen is kind, gentle, and reliable, and I couldn't be more grateful for his help. Thank you so much for the excellent work that you all do! 11/10 recommend!

    ~ Devki Bhatt

    I had a bad toothache and needed a dentist right away. I live close by and I found the office across the street from the civic center. The office team was very nice and they squeeze me into the schedule. Dr. Nguyen was amazing! My mouth hurt so bad, he took away the pain right away. He told all my options. I said I wanted the tooth pulled. He did it quick and it didn't hurt. super happy. I will be back in a few months for an implant.
    Thank you Dr. Nguyen and your team!

    ~ Kit Arra

    Beautiful office. Amazing staff, Dr Nguyen is a great dentist. He explains everything in detail and his chair side manner is very pleasant. So happy I found this office.

    ~ AbiGail H

    Closing Note

    In a nutshell, although throbbing upper gums are not something to be scared about, it is best not to ignore the problem. Get in touch with professionals from Corona Dental Group to answer your queries regarding gum disease treatment. Call us at (951) 736-0641 or visit 828 W 6th St., Corona, CA 92882, to learn more about what we have in store for you.

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