How Long Does It Take To Fill A Cavity?

Dental fillings are known to be fast and painless, but that is if it’s just one cavity-infected tooth being treated. If there are two or more fillings, it could sometimes take the dentist longer. In fact, in some cases, the dentist might ask you to come back for a second visit. But that just begs the question, how long does a dental filling take?

If you’re about to get a filling for the first time or are simply getting it replaced, you might want to know how long the wait time will be. In this blog, you will find all the answers related to dental fillings, so make sure to keep on reading to learn more.

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    What Are Dental Fillings?

    Dental filling is a restorative dental procedure that helps repair damaged teeth. Usually, fillings are used to cover up a tooth with cavities and tooth decay, sealing it to the brim with special material. However, before the tooth is filled, the dentist makes sure to thoroughly inspect and clean the cavity-ridden areas. This ensures that all the bacteria have been removed and the surroundings are sanitized, preventing the tooth from developing decay again. Fillings also allow the tooth to regain its functionality, eliminating all bouts of pain.

    Questions About How Long Does It Take To Fill A Cavity? ?

    When Do You Need a Dental Filling?

    The only time you need to get a filling is when your tooth has been infected with bacteria and decay. The moment you notice black spots or a dark-colored hole forming inside your tooth, it is a sign to get it treated immediately. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Peter Nguyen and allow him to magically restore your oral health. You can also look out for the following symptoms that indicate when to get a filling.

    • Extreme toothache
    • Sudden sensitivity to hot or cold food
    • Visible holes or pits in the tooth
    • Jagged edges on teeth
    • Discoloration
    • Sharp stabs of pain when chewing or biting down on food

    How Long Does a Dental Filling Take?

    There’s no set time for how long it takes to get a filling. This is because the duration varies depending on the filling material, how deep the cavity is, its size, and the location of the affected tooth. However, on average, a dental filling procedure can take somewhere around 20 to 60 minutes.

    It’s important to keep in mind that small cavities that are in easily accessible areas are more likely to be filled faster. The entire process, from preparation to application, can be completed in as little as 20 minutes. On the other hand, for deeper or more than two cavities, it may require more time. You can expect it to take somewhere around 40 to 60 minutes.

    What People Say

    Going to the dentist can be an anxiety-inducing experience, but as soon as I stepped into this office, I felt at ease. The entire staff is welcoming and friendly, making sure that you feel thoroughly taken care of every step of the way. Dr. Nguyen is kind, gentle, and reliable, and I couldn't be more grateful for his help. Thank you so much for the excellent work that you all do! 11/10 recommend!

    ~ Devki Bhatt

    I had a bad toothache and needed a dentist right away. I live close by and I found the office across the street from the civic center. The office team was very nice and they squeeze me into the schedule. Dr. Nguyen was amazing! My mouth hurt so bad, he took away the pain right away. He told all my options. I said I wanted the tooth pulled. He did it quick and it didn't hurt. super happy. I will be back in a few months for an implant.
    Thank you Dr. Nguyen and your team!

    ~ Kit Arra

    Beautiful office. Amazing staff, Dr Nguyen is a great dentist. He explains everything in detail and his chair side manner is very pleasant. So happy I found this office.

    ~ AbiGail H

    Long Story Short

    A dental filling doesn’t usually take a lot of time, especially if you just have one cavity to treat. However, depending on several factors, the timeline can vary. Nevertheless, to get a better time estimate or to schedule a dental appointment, feel free to contact Corona Dental Group at (951) 736-0641.

    In A Nutshell

    If you constantly find yourself cringing away from dessert because your teeth are sensitive to sugar, stop running away from it. Instead, try adopting a tooth-friendly oral care routine so your enamel doesn’t get worn down. Alternatively, you can also reach out to the dental experts at Corona Dental Group for more information by dialing (951) 736-0641, today!

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