How Can Gum Recession On One Tooth Happen?

Usually, gum recession on one tooth occurs when your gum takes a step back, revealing more of the tooth than it used to. Instead of snuggly fitting around your tooth, it pulls back, exposing the roots. It can happen for various reasons, like brushing too hard, gum disease, or natural aging.

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    Causes of Gum Recession on a Single-Tooth

    Gum recession is visibly noticeable. It is a pathological wear or tear of the gums, so the dental roots are more exposed than normal. Some common causes of such pain and gum recession are:

    1. Genetic Causes
      Around 30% of individuals are born with genetic programming related to gum issues, such as gum recession. Regardless of how much those individuals look after their oral health, this genetic triggering is bound to happen.
    2. Brushing Aggressively While Applying Extra Pressure
      Dental professionals generally advise brushing your teeth twice a day for 2 minutes. Use gentle motions while holding a soft-bristled toothbrush. Applying extra force can result in several or lone tooth gum recessions.
    3. Insufficient Brushing
      Not brushing your teeth regularly causes plaque and bacteria to build up on your teeth and around your gums. This provides them the perfect opportunity to trigger gum diseases. Smoke individuals are more at risk of experiencing gum recession specified to one tooth.
    4. Hormonal Fluctuations in Females
      Female gums become tender and extra sensitive during hormonal changes in the body. Fluctuations during phases like puberty, menopause, or pregnancy can elevate gum problems.
    5. Miscellaneous Causes
      Multiple other causes can lead to gum recession. Such as poorly performed orthodontic procedures, extra intake of sugary snacks and beverages, or soft tissue piercings. The metallic friction they cause can split the gum from the tooth.

    Questions About How Can Gum Recession On One Tooth Happen? ?

    Treatment of Singular Tooth Gum Recession

    The gums can’t grow back. However, the following are some non-surgical and surgical periodontal treatments for preventing gum recession from advancing.

    • Topical Antibiotics
      Your dentist can perform dental deep cleaning under local anesthesia to remove disease-causing bacteria. During the procedure, your dental hygienist can also consider injecting topical antibiotics under your gums to stop the advancement of gum recession.
    • Dental Bonding
      Gum recession due to exposed dental roots causes high discomfort and sensitivity. Therefore, they can be concealed to reduce discomfort via dental bonding. This way, the gum recession on a particular tooth is less noticeable.
    • Orthodontic Treatment
      Tipped, rotated, or crooked teeth can recede gum on a single tooth. Orthodontic treatments like braces or Invisalign can bring the tooth in alignment. This will automatically correct the gum margin.
    • Gum Graft Surgery
      A gum graft is a little invasive yet effective and long-lasting treatment for gum recession. During the surgery, your periodontist will patch up your lost gum tissue. This graft is usually taken from the roof of your mouth, but a sterilized human donor graft can also work great. Modern gum grafting procedures are less invasive.

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    Key Takeaways

    If you are experiencing gum recession on one tooth, don’t let it slide. Delaying can worsen the condition, and your precious gum tissues are a once-in-a-lifetime thing.

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