Can Wisdom Tooth Grow Back After Being Removed?

Our nails and hair might grow back after they’re removed or cut, but the same is not the case for our teeth, particularly third molars. Generally, wisdom teeth bring forth many painful symptoms and complications, so the dental specialist recommends removing them.

In some cases, even after all four wisdom teeth have grown, there is another one! However, this extra tooth growing in your gums does not indicate your old molar grew back. This is called supernumerary teeth, an occurrence in which extra teeth grow due to hyperdontia.

So, this raises the question: Can wisdom teeth grow back? Read this blog to learn all about it!

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    Can Wisdom Teeth Grow Again After Extraction?

    No, a wisdom tooth cannot grow back after being removed. You can have additional molars other than the typical four wisdom teeth, but that does not mean they have regrown. There is no possibility of regrowth once the wisdom tooth has been extracted.

    Every structure forms a tiny structure in the tooth phenomenon. In some individuals, the tooth bud is present before their birth. Teeth, like nails, are made of minerals. But where nails continue to grow even after trimming, permanent teeth do not.

    As for supernumerary teeth, they are just extra teeth. So, when a supernumerary molar grows, it is usually located behind or right next to the wisdom tooth. Plus, it is smaller in comparison to wisdom teeth. Typically, the small bud grows, but it is nowhere as prominent as third molars.

    In short, if someone says they had a miraculous experience — their wisdom teeth grew back! It is just a case of supernumerary teeth. The buds were there all this time, but the wisdom tooth hid them well.

    Questions About Can Wisdom Tooth Grow Back After Being Removed? ?

    The Mystery Behind Supernumerary Teeth: What Causes Them?

    Yes, some individuals have more than four wisdom teeth. These supernumerary teeth are not wisdom teeth, though, but molars.

    It is true that many people have extra teeth in their mouth, but they’re just molars, not wisdom teeth. They are around 1/6th or 1/8th of the third molars. So, they’re much smaller when compared to regular wisdom teeth.

    Furthermore, it is most likely to grow on the posterior side of your jaw. This means you may only spot them after the wisdom tooth is removed and assume that it grew back.

    Hyperdontia Treatment

    Hyperdontia is pretty rare and normally does not require treatment. Nonetheless, it can affect the function of your mouth and teeth, resulting in complications. You may need to undergo extraction in that case to avoid issues.

    Pain, discomfort, swelling, and weakness in the mouth are some symptoms of hyperdontia. Not to forget, the growing tooth is an obvious sign, too! Visit your dentist right away if you suspect an extra tooth in your mouth.

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    What’s Next?

    Wisdom teeth cannot grow back. When an extra tooth is present after wisdom tooth extraction, it is merely a supernumerary tooth. The extra teeth are considered hyperdontia, and they’re considerably smaller in comparison to the actual wisdom tooth.

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